nSTAR Resources

...Re-Designing Lifestyle

Mission Statement

nSTAR Resources' mission is to serve a worldwide customer base via direct or reseller channels providing products and services in wide range of domains.

nSTAR is a diversified international trading company located in Mumbai, India backedup by Principles having vast experience and bouquet of products.

While we manage export for our principles, we take complete responsibility from marketing , taking orders, export packing, shipping, export documentation and after sales customer support.

nSTAR having the wide experience in Life Style products also deals in the Human Hair, Fashion Jewellery, Clothing line and Leather Items for Retailers and Supermarkets.

Main Focus Areas

  1. Exporting Refractories, Auto Rickshaws, Mini Tractors
  2. Exporting Life Style Branded Products like Human Hairs, Fashion Jewellery, Clothing, Leather Items
  3. Helping startups with Finance and Expansion Plan
  4. Investment in Stocks, Online Companies
  5. Mobile Operator solutions         
  6. Light Aircraft for leisure, pleasure and surveillance

Our Goals

  • To generate a high standard of commitment to our customers
  • To treat our clients, partners, suppliers and employees with honesty and respect
  • To growth in both business and personal life
  • To provide a quality working environment with advanced technology that enhance all employees quality of life
  • To offer products and services in Telecom, Lifestyle, Engineering, Agriculture and Resourcing domains

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